Pain Was My Friend by Pete O’ Shea


Pain Was My Friend is a powerful and true story, thirty years in the making, of suffering, miracles, triumph and more seen through the eyes of one decent yet flawed man.



Pete O’Shea tried to navigate a world filled with pain all by himself with disastrous consequences. When he had finally reached the full depths of despair and things looked completely hopeless, he cried out for the Lord to save him. What he found out was that God was there the whole time, waiting patiently for a healing and loving relationship. The metamorphosis of this once broken man is nothing short of miraculous. You will be amazed! Pete embarked on the arduous journey of writing this book soon after his car accident in 1984. Even though he knew the story could inspire others who were down as he once was and he was a professional writer, he could not get the words out. In a moment of desperation this past year, he begged God to tell him the reason why. God explained that he had not forgiven the man who hit him and forever altered the course of his life. Non-stop, chronic pain for 17 years had turned Pete into an angry, bitter person with no forgiveness in his stone heart. His Divine Destiny appeared to be thwarted. Once forgiveness was finally achieved through our Lord, this book came flying out of him. Pete feels a strong obligation to help others who suffer needlessly. This book is meant to provide hope and show you that God does perform miracles. Anything is possible with God and Pete’s story is a perfect illustration of that. You will laugh, cry, empathize and relate to this transparent and raw telling of Pete’s astonishing life. He is on a mission from God to lift up everyone in pain and show them the Glory of God. A quote from Mark Twain helped Pete to realize why he suffered and why God made him. “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – M. Twain Pete O’Shea is a Christian Talk Show Host, a Christian comedian, and a motivational speaker. He suffered from debilitating pain from a horrific back injury for 17 years until God gave him a miracle. Now, he is going back for the rest of you who suffer mind-numbing, kill me now pain on a daily basis.


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